Press Release: New Italian Art E-Commerce Website

Italian Art Painter on Beach Enjoying Life was born with a definite mission: to promote Italian-born artists who now live in America and whose work has its roots in the techniques and traditions of the mother country. We achieve this goal by providing these artists and artisans with an electronic storefront on which they can exhibit and sell their work, by facilitating inter-artist communication and synergies, and by providing you, the public, with information and tools to enable you to easily view the artists’ work and to select those ‘must-have’ items.

The Finest Italian:

Paintings; Ceramics; Jewelry; Pottery; Photography; Home Decor; and Much More!

Both established and emerging artisan/artists will benefit from exposure on, and of course the eventual buyer benefits by having an additional efficient and secure channel for his or her acquisitions.

In the background there is a another purpose, one that stems from our love for, and pride in, our country of origin.  We are brought by this love and pride to a desire to promote its culture and its art whenever possible, because we believe that the world can only become a better and more beautiful place by an increased acceptance of Italian artistic ideals and Italian lifestyle.  To this  end we make a donation to the Italian Educational Institute, a non-profit organization based in Atherton, California, each time a sale is made.  The reason for being of the Italian Educational Institute is to promote the increased diffusion of Italian language and culture in California.

Having stated our policy of concentrating on Italian-born artists practicing their craft in America, we hasten to add that it is not our intention to enforce this rule absolutely and dogmatically.  Should we run across opportunities to bring you exceptional work directly from Italy we will do so.  And if an American-resident artisan has preserved intact his artisan traditions, he will not be excluded just because he may be a generation or two removed from the mother country.  Thus, we bring you ITALY as an idea and a lifestyle, rather than as a purely geographical construct.

Finest Italian – a real online opportunity for both established and upcoming artists represents an effort to help artists find their way into the online art markets. It is a very useful website for catapulting artists to new levels in their careers and for increasing the demand for their works.  It also aims to educate by providing information about various painters, sculptors, artisans etc., in a historical context from the Renaissance to contemporary times. The website is a real boon for the upcoming artists as it helps people discover them and recognize their work. By featuring their art on Finest Italian, the website encourages Italian artists to produce more works thus increasing their contribution to the world of art in general.

A gateway of popularity for Italian artists who haven’t made their mark yet

Membership in Finest Italian is a mark of excellence and provides an avenue for selling Italian artwork to buyers and collectors online. Hence, the popularity of each artist is maximized and members of the website may influence the opinions of art critics, both within Italy and other countries. This takes place in a beneficial way for the exclusive artists featured on the website. This website is a success gateway for artists, as more and more people will discover, who appreciate and acquire the work of a particular artist. Then the status of the artists is surely bound to increase.

Finest Italian featuring Italian artwork in various forms

The website provides internet access to a variety of products such as Italian jewelry, Italian ceramics,  contemporary and vintage Italian paintings and photographs, and Italian art and artigianato from various other fields. There are also links to pages that are focused on each product type under the main product categories. The website also contains the complete list of Italian artists featured on the website with links to the price and description of each of their items along with an image of the item when available. You can search the name of artist or find his/her work by running a simple search query on the website.

Italian art is complex art of intense creativity and thinking and we sell these classic works in affordable, high quality modern editions to the customers all over the world. The selection of artists featured on Finest Italian aims at encouraging people to discover the work of modern Italian artists, develop interest in their work and spread the word around the world to encourage the artistic endeavor.