A Visit to Trieste

Trieste, what a pleasant surprise!! An often overlooked gem of the Adriatic, TRIESTE provided lots of beautiful sites and emotions.

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We visited the Castle of MiramareMiramare, which stands on the tip of the promontory of Grignano. Commissioned and built between 1856 and 1860 by Archduke Maximilian of Austria, also eventually Emperor of Mexico, the building is positioned overlooking the sea, providing a stunning view of the Gulf of Trieste.

The Castello is surrounded by 22 hectars of a beautiful botanical garden and its interiors feature sumptuous original historical furniture. Miramare has more than 20 rooms including Maximilian’s bedroom, furnished as a ship’s cabin. The poet Giosue Carducci speaks of the “white towers” of Miramare, with its English and Italian style garden, stepping down towards the sea with a beautiful ‘Scalinata’.

What a fabulous place to visit, don’t miss it!! We wholeheartedly  recommend it  :-)


Italian Art Exhibition – Original Paintings, Tuscan and Venetian Landscapes

Italian Art, Italian Wines
Italian Art, Italian Wines

Come attend an Italian wine tasting and enjoy the Italian art by Angelica Di Chiara, on exhibit at Ristorante Il Cedro in Menlo Park.  The artist will be on hand to answer your questions and demonstrate her technique.  Al Fabrizio will entertain with the melodic music of his mandolin.

The exhibit/wine tasting is on Wednesday May 19 from 4:00 to 5:30, then, if you wish, stay for dinner.  Make your reservation by calling 650.322.3376.  The restaurant is at the southeast corner of El Camino and Santa Cruz in Menlo Park, and free underground parking is available.

Sponsored jointly by finestItalian and by Ristorante Il Cedro.