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  1. Hello!

    I have a 14k gold Cellini bangle, ring, and earring set. With what looks like pink coral. I have contacted a couple of Cellini jewelers in the U.S. and neither of them can claim they have ever stamped 1 piece of their jewelry with the Cellini name.

    My question is. Who has the Authority to stamp “Cellini” onto jewelry and who can I turn to to verify the design?

    Thanks so much! nice works!

    • Sorry, but the Cellini we know was a Renaissance artist who lived in the 16th century, and so far as we know he did not make bangles and earrings. Of course there might be a modern or contemporary designer of the same name who produces such jewelry, but we have no information on this. Thanks for contacting us, we regret not being able to help you further.

  2. Hello,
    I came across your blog and was very interested in your home design articles. I just had a couple of questions, so if you could e-mail me back that would be great! Thank you for your time.

  3. Hello !
    We have painting “Madonna” made by Silvio Batista Salvi. We don’t know, where to contact ? We want to sell it. Please, help us! Thank You. I can send you picture of it.

    • Thanks for contacting us. Please send a photo of the painting and some basic information (size, medium). I don’t know if we can help, but we will try

      Mario Fusco
      CEO, finestItalian

  4. Looking for an artist who can design a large serving platter with classic design, but working into the design the initials “RKB” (stands for the name of my partner). Could you help me with this?

    Kind Regards,

    • Thanks for contacting us. I think we may be able to help you, but can you send us more detail on what you require? Size, shape,…? Better yet, if you can find a photo which is close to what you want, send it to us and tell us what modifications you would like. Best regards

      Mari Fusco
      CEO finestItalian

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