About Us

Who we are

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We are a group of artists whose art is rooted in our Italian heritage.  We focus on typically Italian products, using techniques we have learned in the botteghe of the mother country.  Most of us are Italian natives who reside in America; for some of us the connection is more distant, but no less compelling.  Our aim is to bring you products of beauty and elegance crafted to the same high standards you would expect from products actually imported from Italy.

At the same time we offer you the advantages of dealing with an American company that is familiar with American shopping practices and preferences.  You need not worry about fluctuating exchange rates, delayed shipments,  uncertain inventories, capricious return policies, etc.  Thus we offer you the best of Italian style with the best of American commercial practices.

What we offer

We offer beautiful items for you and for your home.  If you would like to achieve that Mediterranean look for your home then check out our paintings, our ceramics, and our vintage photos of Italy.  And take advantage of the interior and exterior design services we offer .  If you seek  handcrafted one-of-a-kind jewelry that says Venice and Florence then browse our website.  We have stylish purses made by hand, one at a time,  by a Venetian artist resident in San Jose, California.  If you seek to arrange a trip to Italy then contact us, and if you need to fortify yourself with a knowledge of the Italian language before you go then we can provide that too.  Our range of offerings will grow in the future – we aim to make this website your one-stop shopping experience for all things beautiful and artistic and Italian!

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